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SLI Network is a Bumiputera Company that conduct business both physically and Online marketing. Our company currently operates in Taman Seri Gombak Selangor.

Who we are?

We are a company that conducts the business of marketing health food products.

Our location

We operated in Taman Seri Gombak Selangor and have branch in Kelantan.

We have our factory

We have our own factory at Kelantan, the marketing team only do thier operation in Selangor.

Our Marketing team

We have many good experience team in marketing. To do online business we should training our team to be a no 1.

Secret Leaf on the Media

Our Product already in the market around 7 years. Many people satified at our products and now we comeback to do the sales in many ways marketing to boost our sales.

SLI Network Product

Section 1

  • Who is Sli Network?

    Sli Network is one of the Bumiputera company doing business to develope health product and suppliment food.

  • Where is the location of SLI Network?

    Our location is in Seri Gombak Selangor and our factory is in Kelantan.

  • How long has SLI Network been operating?

    SLI Network already been at the market around 7 years.

  • Section 2

  • Can I order products for my own branding?

    Of course you can. Minimum order is 500 units for the first order.

  • Will the product i order be approved by the MOH?

    We will help you to get approval from the MOH.

  • Are there oppotunities available in SLI Network?

    Yes, we provide oppotunities for you to generate income through trading and online business.

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